Autism Friendly Movies Schedule

Really excited to roll out the schedule for our upcoming Autism Friendly Movies…..


While the schedule is always subject to change, the upcoming schedule is as follows:

  • February 20th – Star Wars : The Force Awakens
  • March 5th – Zootopia
  • March 19th – The Divergent Series: Allegiant
  • UPDATE: March 19th – NEW – Zootopia (Rochester Hills & Woodhaven)

UPDATE: With the expansion of our Autism Friendly Movies program, starting on April 2nd the Novi, Woodhaven & Rochester Hills Theaters will have the following schedule:

  • April 2nd – Batman v Superman
  • April 16th – Jungle Book
  • May 7th  –  Capt America : Civil War
  • May 21st – Angry Birds

P.S. – I’ve had a number of people asking if these movies will move beyond the Emagine Novi location any time soon. This project was initially a pilot project to see if there was the demand. Based on the fantastic support and demand we’ve seen, we are in talks with Emagine to add additional theaters ….. stay tuned for updates! 😀   The program has now been expanded to the Woodhaven and Rochester Hills Emagine locations! Thank you for your help and please come join us for our first movie at these new locations on March 19th! 



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